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About Me

Filmmaker. Dancer. Environmental Advocate. 

Audrey Billups is a Maui based filmmaker, dancer, and environmental activist whose work aims to connect people to our wild world and inspire positive action. 


Growing up partly on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country, she had a deep appreciation for Mother Nature from the very beginning. Movement was also at the forefront of her life, her way of creative expression and connection to Divine. She studied classical ballet for 15 years preforming as the Principle dancer for 3 years. Film came into her life as a way to connect her love of movement and art and share it with people around the world. 


After graduating SMU with a BFA in Film & Media Arts, she bought film equipment and a one way ticket to Hawaii with the funds she received from her University’s Creative Achievement Award. For the next four years, she explored the world through her first production company ‘The Nomadic Filmmaker’, filming a documentary in Tibet, music videos in Hawaii, wellness films in Bali, etc. Traveling gave her an appreciation for diverse cultures and an understanding of the necessity to stand up for our Planet. 


When the Covid Pandemic hit, she decided to set roots down in her favorite place on earth, Maui, Hawaii. As she looked towards her future as an artist, she had a nagging feeling that something was missing from her work. The Pandemic was a good wake up call, it made her ask the question, What is the most important issue in this world, and how can she help solve it? 


She believes that it is our duty on Earth to find out how the universe speaks through us and use it to help change the world. For her, that is creating films and dancing for environmental issues. By combining the three things that bring her the most joy - film, dance, and nature - she hopes to positively influence her community and help create a better world. 

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