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Audrey Billups

Photo by David Teran

Audrey Billups is a multidisciplinary artist whose work aims to connect us to the natural world and inspire positive action. 
Texas native, Audrey's formative years spent on her family’s ranch, created a passion for Earth advocacy. She now resides in Maui, surrounded by the Pacific, she has fallen deeply in love with the deep Blue and is on a mission to end the plastic pollution through her art.
A self-taught designer, Audrey integrates 15 years of classical ballet training, a BFA in Film, and 7 years as freelance filmmaker. Her alchemy lies in creating experiential art that transcends entertainment, leading audiences on a transformational journey that fosters a sense of responsibility for a sustainable future. 

If you would like to work together, 

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My Current Project...

Oceans Apart is an experimental dance film advocating for the end of the plastic pandemic.


From the initial spark of creativity, I've spent hours picking up trash on the north shore of Maui,  logging & organizing my findings, and crafting costumes out of them.

Through the moving arts of dance and film, my intention is to bring people into their hearts, where I believe real change can be made. 

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